Thursday, December 31, 2015


I will start this blog easy . . . I am thankful that the number I type in my facebook link will actually be 365 today!  I don't know I messed that up last year, but it was rather embarrassing!!
Ok, so New Year's Eve . . here we are.  I will be spending the night home with my family.  I stocked up on party hats, masks, blower noise makers, and confetti from the Dollar Store for tonight!  The kids are excited to stay up.  At the moment I am sitting at my desk where I am rocking to some Pink and marveling at how these new glasses ( $24.99) seem to help my eyes feel better already staring at these screens!  These glasses have the lenses that filter out blue lights and UV stuff from monitors.  Being cheap, they also have plastic frames and fit nicely over my regular glasses too!  Bonus!  I've been staring at screens, cleaning out my emails, syncing my calendars, and all that stuff to close out a year.
So here's the thing with New Year's Resolutions and myself - usually I look forward to it.  I like a challenge.  And what a better opportunity to find something that needs improvement and resolve to fix it?  This year I was thinking of setting a goal to read one non-industry related book per month.  It's a good goal.  I do a ton of reading.  But it is 99% work related.  I think I've already poo-poo'd this goal though!  I guess it's not midnight, so it's all good, eh?  See, I've had this plan to get the last license in my industry for some time . . . 10 years to be exact.  Out of frustration, stubbornness, and even anxiety I'd vowed to see this thru.  Emotions can be great motivators.  But they aren't good planners.  And this is a big undertaking, the emotions wear off and resolve fizzles at 2am when I haven't been to bed yet and need to get up at 6am at the latest.  This morning, I went through everything to see what I'd have to get done to get this license.  My super-duper goal is to have everything done by the end of June.  But I don't think that is realistic.  See, this time I'm being determined AND practical (that's a much better combo).  So my more realistic goal is to be done by the end of 2016.  And this time I actually feel ready to line up all that needs to be lined up here.
For 2016, there are some other little things I'd like to change - always eating better and sleeping more for me - and I never quit quitting on my road to that destination.  So far, I'm not going to hit my goal of paying off my student loan.  But that's ok.  I traded that goal in for some more practical goals.  The student loan isn't going anywhere and some day I'll have Sallie Mae's a!$.
In all honesty, I've already been recently working on some great things.  And just in the past week I was presented with a completely awesome opportunity - should it work out, you'll hear about it!  I feel like I'm where I should be - like I didn't screw it all up this time - like God's plans are coming at me and this time I'm where I need to be to work with these plans.  I've never tried surfing, but I feel like I'm riding the beginning of a wave that is just starting to grow.  2016 is going to be full of so many opportunities.  It hasn't even started yet and I see them.  I'm so much more settled than this time last year.  I've accepted a lot of things that I've foolishly fought against.  And I've been learning so much.  I have so much more to learn.  I couldn't have learned these things last year - I just wasn't in the right place to learn.
Tonight I am thankful for all the wonderful opportunities that await in 2016.  They are there waiting for you and they are there waiting for me.  I pray for patience and understanding for you and for me to keep ourselves where we need to be to flourish in these upcoming moments of life!  Happy New Year!!!

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