Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Scooting Along

Today flew by.  But I got so much done!  It seems that most of the day I was thinking, "I'm doing great!".  And I was just waiting until tonight.  I thought maybe I'd try and enjoy a nice hot bath (I say try because someone always knocks on the door and wants something.  Or maybe I'd relax for awhile and kick my feet up.  The possibilities seemed endless after such a full day's work!
Then I found that I was on such a great roll that I just kept scooting along.  And here it is after 9 and I am dog tired.  Tonight's reward will be reflecting on such a full day as I drift off to sleep in my nice comfy bed!
Tonight I am thankful for getting so much done today!  I am just checking things off of my list that I wanted to be done before 2015 came to a close!  I got a lot of things done around the house in between work today.  And I am caught up, if not even a little ahead with work.  And there is one more day of 2015 left!  Bring it on!!!

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