Thursday, January 28, 2016

Duct Tape

Does anyone else have a child that refuses to tie their shoes?
I have one.  He can physically tie his shoes.  He will tie shoes for others.  He has more than once removed the shoelaces from his shoes. After being made to put the laces back in to the shoes, he continues to walk around with the laces flopping to the sides.
I have told him to tie his shoes hundreds of times.  I have stood over him and made him tie his shoes countless times.  I have stepped on his floppy laces so that he couldn't move away - proving to him that it is important to tie laces.  Nothing works.
Today while I was in Meijer's I found a solution!  On clearance I found these stretchy, no tie laces!
Tonight I am thankful for something that will keep shoes on my child's feet, he thinks look cool, and will prevent me from duct taping shoes to his feet!!

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