Saturday, January 9, 2016

Game On!

Today was my most recent birthday boy's birthday outing.  Yes, we are still sticking with our birthday outings instead of parties for most birthdays.  Party ages are 5, 10, and we haven't decided yet on 13, for the whole teenager experience, or 15 to stick with our increments of 5 years.
Today myself and three boys went to Zap Zone.  As I was leaving, the hubster suggested that I take my knee brace.  But, ya know, the boys were already loading in to the van . . . and yes, I may have upset my knee slightly.
See the first round of laser tag was just our group of four people and another group of four people.  I thought, Great!  So I took it slow, being very mindful of my knee.  And I ended that round 7 out of 8.  Our group won . . in spite of me!
Round two had 31 people in it!  So I had to move quicker.  And there was absolutely no way I was going to score as low as I had the first round!  I did try to move a little gingerly, just at a faster speed.  Our team came in second in that round.  But I am pleased to announce that at least I was 12 out of 31 . . better than half!
I'm not usually the most competitive person out there.  The boys cared about group scores, not their individual scores.  I hid my concerns, since they really had more of the right attitude!
We played some arcade games while we waited for pizza.  I found a couple games that I could clean up on tickets!  I love that!  The boys found me at one of the good ticket games and took over.  They were so excited to score lots of tickets!  And at the end, I let them split my tickets so they could get bigger prizes.
Tonight I am thankful that all in all I'd say this birthday outing was a success!  All three boys had fun in the van on the way home too:  playing with their new prizes, burping, throwing things at each other, and being boys :)

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