Sunday, January 24, 2016


I only debated with myself a little bit about the topic for tonight's blog.  It's kinda personal.  But, when I wrote about my fibroid tumor, I had several of you contact me to talk.  Honestly I couldn't believe how many had been affected by similar issues.  So here we go:
Right from the beginning of deciding to have a family, I wanted four kids, and I wanted them close together in age so they could all grow up best friends.  I have never and will never regret the way we had them.
Depending on what you read, there are reports that a woman's body needs 6 weeks (no way) up to a year to go back to "normal" after having a baby.  My babies are roughly about a year and a half apart each.  Which means that my body had roughly 9 and a half months of recovery after each baby.  According to some studies, that was not a long enough time.
About a year after the last baby it became evident that some of my insides were permanently altered.  About 2-3 years after the last baby I started to have some issues.  I'm not going to get in to the nitty gritty here . . anyone can message me privately if you'd like to discuss.  But I did go to the doctor, repeatedly.  Tests were ran, etc.  I was given two options . . . neither of which I liked.  I actually did try one, with apprehension, and the experiment supported my thoughts that it was not for me.
So it's been this way ever since:  I'll be walking around life fine and then Wham!  My body gets too mad about something (I've never been able to figure out what) and I am just down for the count for a few days.  There used to be a lot more pain.  When I added the Kelp a year or so ago to combat the fibroid stuff, it wonderfully got rid of a lot of the pain that I was having.  YAY for Kelp!
Yesterday started one of these little episodes of mine.  I should have known it was coming probably because of the way I'd been feeling.  But yesterday was just like I hit a wall.  And my body is just done with being coherent and operable.  I can sleep all day and all night.  Unexplained fever.  And a few other weird things.  I know where it started though.  I can feel it in my belly.
Last night I decided to look again online for other options.  I don't like the doctor's options.  I don't want them.  Well I don't know what I typed in differently this time, but I might have found something good.  Page after page, site after site, of women who have written their stories and sound like me; except now they are better!  There were a few natural supplements discussed.  The main one, that all of them shared was red raspberry leaves.  Can you believe it?  Something so simple and so . . non-exotic!  Of course this is not the season for raspberry leaves to pop up in the backyard.  So I ordered some crushed up leaves in capsules.  Seriously for only $5.99 and it'll be here Tuesday with Amazon Prime.  Even after I ordered it, I kept searching.  The more I research, the more I find women who sound like me who praise this stuff and the wonderful things it has done for them.
Tonight I am thankful for hope.  I have hope for the first time in many years that there might be another solution here . . a natural, safe, solution.  I'm going to feel like a kid at Christmas on Tuesday!   And I'll be praying it works!

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