Sunday, January 3, 2016

Monday Cakes

It's been three years I think since I had a child this excited to go back to school after Christmas break!  The child:  Sammy.  The reason:  His birthday is tomorrow!
Usually his birthday falls over Christmas break.  And, if you can remember back to your school days for a moment please, it is a bummer to not be able to bring in your birthday treat on your birthday!  Ah but this year, 2016, is his year!  Sammy will get to bask in the glory of providing cupcakes to make people happy on the first day back from break, a Monday no less!  And on his birthday!  And the extra, added bonus is that this is the last year that Sammy will bring in cupcakes (mommy tear here . . sniff, sniff).  So the boy is ending his cupcake school time on a great note!
Eleven years ago I was just happy the boy waited until after the holidays.  I had no thoughts at all about the possible school treat situation that would be present!  And now here we are!
Tonight I am thankful for Sammy's birthday being on a Monday this year.  It sure has made him one happy boy!!
See, he's always loved cakes :)

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