Friday, January 1, 2016


Today I was reflecting on things I've messed up.  We all have those moments, don't we?  Past failures, personal shortcomings, and all things negative about ourselves just bombard our thinking.
These times are hard.  I think the most difficult thing is that the negative stuff is not untrue.  If it were lies that I was thinking about myself, then I could call them lies and move on.  But the stuff is true.
I know by now though, that I can be my own worst critic.  So here's what happened today.  I acknowledged my own thoughts.  Yes, the negative things may be true.  But they are not what define me.  That will never be what defines me.
Today I am thankful that a self-defeating attitude is not welcome here.  I won't get caught up in my downfalls.  I won't just ignore them either.  I will use them as motivation to improve, always improve, and always stay humble.

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