Saturday, January 23, 2016

Not Fish

When I was a kid, we couldn't afford swimming lessons.  This was a bummer, since I am not a natural swimmer.  I remember almost drowning . . . twice.
Somehow I learned enough to kill myself in the water.  And I was very proud of the swimming that I can do.  Then I started dating this Ron fellow.  One day we went to a pool.  He saw me swim and laughed at me.  The Nerve!!!  So I threw him in to the pool . . . I don't always take it well when people laugh at me ;)
Turns out Ron and his brothers all had done years of swimming lessons and are like fish people.  So he gave me some pointers.  And I my swimming is better now than it used to be.  Although the Olympic team won't be calling me anytime soon.
Sadly, my offspring have natural non-talent for the water.  Although they all do love the water immensely.  We have done swimming lessons off and on for the past 6 years.  We haven't done them consistently because of many reasons.  But it has been off and on for the past many, many years.  During the first lessons for the older two, Cody was a baby in his stroller sitting on the sidelines with me and toddler-Gracie.
The last set of swimming lessons was last summer.  We had a break for fall sports and today we were back at it again.  I am happy to report that I see progress.  One child can swim . . like for reals!  Like probably better than me!  That is some exciting stuff!  We have set a house goal for all the children to have better handwriting than mine.  And I think we now have a goal for all of them to be better swimmers than me.  I see it can be done!  There was a glimpse today!
Tonight I am thankful for not giving up on swimming lessons!  Seriously a few times over the year, I thought about just giving up and duct taping life jackets to the children for the rest of their lives.  But we are making progress . . . slow and steady progress.  I'll take it!

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