Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I mentioned in a blog earlier in 2015 that I started writing a paper, Mason Today.  Recently it has become Ingham Today.  This was such a great thing for me, to be able to write more professionally than my blog - although I love and appreciate all you blog readers out there!!
After writing for the paper for several months, I received an email that there would be a picture being taken for the paper opening a new office in downtown Mason.  The best part is that families were invited!
It was a little bit of a struggle to get the kids focused on a weekend to be dressed and presentable for a picture.  I thought I explained what we were doing, but as we were driving in to town the kids were talking like we were doing family pictures like we had the year before.  Silly kiddos!  So I tried to explain again.
We got there for the picture and the kids were excited to find donuts!  Yum!  They all smiled nicely and we were done and on our way.
I'll be honest, I hadn't picked up my January issue yet.  I've been slacking . . . I know.  I heard a few comments from people that had seen this issue with the picture.  And I'll be honest, I hadn't thought of how it would affect the kids.  One kid in my child's class brought in the paper to make sure he saw that he was on the front page of the paper!  Tonight at a basketball game another mom told me that her son thought my son was famous because he was in the paper!  I told my son that, and all the way home he was exclaiming, "YES, I'm Finally Famous!!"  :)
Tonight I am thankful again for the opportunity to write for Ingham Today.  I am thankful for being able to bring my family to celebrate the opening of the office.  And I'm thankful that it is making the kids feel special too!
Grab your copy soon, they're going quick!

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