Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Here are things that I believe to be true about being a parent:
Smile around your children and they learn to smile at life.
Laugh at your mistakes and your children learn to laugh at theirs.
Apologize to your children and they learn to graciously accept their own mistakes.
Understand that your children don't always think like you think and bridge the gap to their minds - because you are the grown up . . so that's really on you.
Hug your children and they will feel love.
Tell your children that you expect their best and they will challenge themselves on occasion.
Expect great things from them on their terms and they will dream great dreams.
Be proud of your children when they do good and they will learn to be proud of themselves, even when they may not have reached their goal.
Teach your children to encourage others and they will know that the world is filled with others who need love too.
Tonight I am thankful to be able to watch good things from my children.  Sometimes being parent is tough.  And sometimes silver linings that come thru in small things are the best encouragement there is!

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