Friday, January 22, 2016

Warm Buns

For Christmas I had asked Santa for a heated seat thing for my car.  Since getting the van with heated seats last year, I've been in love!  But the hubby usually drives the van.  He tends to get car sickies in the car.  I like the car, so I drive it more.  But it has cold, cold seats.
I was so excited when Santa delivered my heated seat at Christmas!  Cleaning up after Christmas though, I didn't take my heated seat thing right out to the car.  And I forgot where I had put it.  Almost a whole month later, I found it!
Today was my first day out with my nifty heated seat!  It was such a great feeling to be out in the cold, measuring outside a house and freezing my keester off; then to get back in the car with heated seats!
Tonight I am thankful for my best Christmas present this year . . my heated seat thing!  It will never leave my car!

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