Monday, January 18, 2016


I was going to have to wait on this blog topic . . . but, I just got approval by the hubster to announce:  HE JUST ACCEPTED A NEW JOB!!
This makes me all kinds of excited!  I have known the hubster for 19 years.  In that time, he has never worked a Monday thru Friday, daytime hour job.  He has always worked at least one weekend day.  And he's usually worked weird hours.  And now, it will all change!  Hooray!
So now we have to wait the polite two weeks notice time for the current job.  And for all common sense purposes, I'm not going to mention where he will be going.  But I'm so excited!!
So tonight I am thankful for this upcoming job!  It sounds like it will be a good fit for the hubster.  A lot of the people at this company have been there for decades; it sounds like a good place to work.  I believe this will be a great thing for the hubster and for our family!

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