Thursday, February 25, 2016

100 Degrees

My house is infested.  It is very sad.  Infested with germs!!!  But I am putting up a good fight!
Monday night:  Sammy had dinner and was feeling fine.  Later in the night, the flu hit.  The diffuser was turned on with Thieves oil and has been on ever since.
Tuesday:  Sammy stayed home and rested.  He still had a temperature, but his tummy had settled down.
Wednesday:  Sammy stayed home with a fever still.  School got cancelled half-way thru and sent my kids home to be with their sicky brother.  A decree was issued that no one was to sit with Sammy!  The hubster did not listen as well as the children.  He sat with Sammy on the couch for hours last night.
Thursday:  Hubster came home from work later in the morning with the flu.  He was quarantined to the bedroom with his own diffuser.
Thursday evening:  All four children have temperatures around 100 degrees.  No one else has had tummy issues.  I have been applying Thieves oil to myself all day and was hanging in strong.  After shoveling the driveway (p.s. now on my list of things I can't do until my knee is healed), and getting some groceries I was feeling pretty bad.  I laid down for awhile and that didn't help.  Then I took a scalding hot bath with Epsom salts and I'm feeling better!
School is cancelled tomorrow so the hubster and kiddos can sit here and breathe in Thieves all day.  And hopefully no one else will toss their cookies.  I have a full day of appointments tomorrow.  So I will be sleeping here in my office tonight away from all major sources of germs.  I will cover myself in Thieves again before bed!
Tonight I am thankful for our recent discovery of essential oils and Epsom salts.  Nothing is 100%.  But if this were a year ago, the whole family would be fighting over the bathroom by now.  We'll keep fighting!  We'll keep fighting for sure!

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