Wednesday, February 24, 2016

50 Minutes

I knew in the days coming up to today that today would be busy.  I had a lot of work due today.  And I really wanted to get some things done up ahead of time.
My body was not so cooperative.  I've been fighting off some sinus/cold thing.  And I feel like I've been losing.  But I know it could be worse, so I don't think I'm losing as bad as it feels.  I've been taking apple cider vinegar.  I've been diffusing thieves oil.  I've been putting peppermint oil on myself.  I've been doing everything that I can.  And I just have felt like my head hates me.
Thankfully today wasn't quite as bad, so I was able to get quite a bit of work done - though not all of it finished.  I'm pretty close though.  I've got 50 minutes until things are officially late.  I can finish this assignment in front of me before that time I believe.
So I've had this coming anyway.  These deadlines all hitting today, and not being able to think clear enough or stay awake enough to make today any easier.
Add to that a boy getting over the flu who had to stay home from school and is feeling well enough to want to chat, chat, chat.  Then add in school getting over early so three more children come home.  I had a talk with all of them.  I didn't care if chores got done today.  I didn't care if homework got done today.  All I wanted was for them to play quietly and nicely for the day so that I could try and concentrate.  I have to say that they all did pretty well!
So tonight I am thankful that I've still got about 50 more minutes left in today to see what I can get done.  I am thankful that my head was a little more clear today - although I'm pushing it now in hour 15.  And I am thankful that my kiddos were so understanding and quiet!  Back to work now!

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