Sunday, February 14, 2016

8pm Shopping

Some days I watch my kids and my heart just lights up.
There are days when they fight like touching another person's stuffed animal is a crime punishable by capital punishment.  There are days when they seem oblivious to each other.  There are times when they talk with each other.  There are times when they help each other.  There are moments when they work together.  There are moments when they sabotage each other.  There are moments when they show their love for each other so spontaneously and so unprompted that it makes me melt.
And then there are days like today when they are just goofy with each other and have fun.  These days are nice.  I love when they are goofy with each other.  I love that they can enjoy each other's company and laugh together!  They will remember the goofiness for their lives.  I pray they hold on to this and stay friends forever.
And tonight I am thankful that on this Valentine's Day, my heart smiled just walking thru a grocery store at night, watching my girls be my goofy girls and laugh together!

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