Friday, February 26, 2016


I am a little on the cranky side.  I have been all day.  There was a time when I loved sleeping on the hard floor . . crazy, huh?  Well those days are behind me now.  Sleeping on my office floor was horrible last night.  I tossed and turned.  At least I did not wake up with the germs floating around my house, so I guess it was worth it.
The lack of sleep did not coincide with today being a catch-up day.  With all the snow the last few days, I pushed a bunch of appointments to today.  So I was out for 11 hours.  Eleven whole hours, just knowing that when I got home to my house of sickies . . that I wouldn't be done working.  I was correct.  I got home and the house is a disaster area.  I am putting on blinders and will not clean a thing tonight.  Well, maybe a few things.  And they wanted some homemade chicken and dumplings.  If it helps, I am ok making it.  Although I'd really rather just go to sleep.
While I was driving around, anticipating coming home to a mess, I just couldn't get myself too positive.  Just one of those funk moods, ya know.  I wasn't happy.  I didn't care to be happy.  I was just fine being cranky.  At one point, a business service that I pay for made me mad.  And it was actually a little therapeutic to call up and be less than polite.
When in one of these moods, it is hard to think about what to write in a thankful blog.  Fortunately, there was a commercial on the radio that inspired me.  So for your entertainment tonight, here are Jessie's Awards for the day!
Best Radio Commercial - goes to the Budweiser commercial about fracking.  I never thought that a beer commercial would read my mind so well.  But from the first time I heard about fracking, and how serious it is, I've wondered why someone would name it fracking!  It sounds like a word that an elementary student made up to say instead of a swear word.
Worst Plowed Roads - Cohoctah Township.  No other words necessary here . . . grrrr
Worst Driver - Semi driver passing in a no passing zone, going up a hill.  I came over the hill the other way and was almost squished.  P.S. Yes I swerved at you on purpose . . . idiot.  I wish my horn sounded ruder sometimes.
Best Two Wheel Drive pretending to be a Four Wheel Drive - my minivan.  Hooray for the baby blue beauty!
Longest Time Waiting Between Public Restrooms - Me.  I get an award because Gosh darn it, I deserve one sometimes!
Biggest Snowman Family - This would be the house I saw that had six, yes SIX full sized snowmen waving to the road.
Most Unique Snowman - This would be to the people that built their snowman around their mailbox and had the mailbox door be the snowman's mouth . . . pretty darn clever!
Silliest Girls - This would be my two girls who are in here now being fever free and cabin fever-ish from being locked up, resting for days.  They are a riot . . . :)
Best Audience - That's You!  :)
Tonight I am thankful for some humor to brighten my day because that seems to be just what I needed.

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