Tuesday, February 16, 2016


On Tuesdays the girls both have activities for a bit.  So the boys and I hang out.  There really isn't time to run home and do anything worthwhile.  Instead we hang out in the car.
We munch on snacks.  We take turns playing Candy Crush.  We look at Pokemon cards.  And we take silly selfies :)  There are occasional fits thrown . . but the boys promise me candy and then I calm down.  Oh wait, maybe it is the boys who sometimes have issues.  But yes, then I threaten to take away their snacks (sometimes candy) and then they calm down.
It's just something little.  It's just about 20 to 25 minutes once a week when we hang out in the car.  But it's one of those little somethings that will be a memory that makes them smile one day.
Tonight I am thankful for Tuesdays in the car chillin' with my boys :)

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