Thursday, February 18, 2016

Clean Interior

I knew this week would be rough.  I've been doing alright with scheduling lately.  Yesterday I would have said I was doing pretty darn good at scheduling.  But tonight my daughter arrived at her Girl Scout meeting when it was ending . . so I can't really feel too cocky about my scheduling practices yet.
Honestly, I'm never expecting perfection here.  Schedules just aren't a natural thing for me.  So I'm sure I'll always make mistakes.  After realizing the Girl Scout meeting snafu tonight, I looked at the calendar and the time was written correctly there.  If I can't read it correctly, then scheduling really does no good!
Anyway, yes, so this week was going to be shorter on time to get work done.  Monday had the kids off school.  Tuesday has a meeting over an hour away.  Wednesday had my last physical therapy appointment . . insurance has declared me healed . . . that must be some crystal ball they have there!  So that brings us to today, Thursday.  I crammed a lot in to the calendar for today because it was my first full day of the week to devote to working.  Of course I've been working all week.  But I can't schedule multiple house appointments on days with other appointments, it just doesn't work logistically.
Last night I was prepared for a day to devote to work.  I was starting to feel like a horse at the gate waiting for a clearing in undisturbed time to get some things done!  And then last night my little Cody got sick.  He actually felt a bit better by morning, which was good.  Because then I had to make the call . . bring him with me and risk my car's interior.  Or cancel appointments and really piss people off.  Seriously, people don't take it well when they've arranged their day to meet an appraiser at their house.
I deemed him good enough to ride along and hopefully nap a bit.  We packed a change of clothes (just in case), crackers, Big Doggy, and some coloring supplies and we were off.  Quite fortunately, he was ok!  Hooray!!  And it was nice to have a junior ride along with me.  It's funny how nostalgic that can be for me with my job.  But I started this job to be able to stay home with the kids.  And they have been with me with this job every step.  They're here when I'm researching and typing.  They've been with me lots out to houses.  The time spent with them doing this job makes this job that much more special to me.  They are the heart of Gold Star Appraisals, and they don't even realize just how much!
Tonight I am thankful that Cody is feeling better!  I'm thankful that he was doing better this morning and my car is still in tact!  And I'm thankful once more for God leading me to this job 11 years ago.  It's kind of funny because on Tuesday I was in Plymouth and I drove by the first place I took my classes towards my license.  It was this Elk's lodge.  The woman teaching the classes belonged to the Elk's and taught classes out of it.  It's really a rather drab looking building.  But it makes me smile whenever I happen to be out that way.  That's where I took that first step and started learning something new for this blessed job that lets me be here when my family needs me!

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