Saturday, February 27, 2016


I wrote a few weeks ago about swimming lessons for the kiddos.  So I hope ya'll don't mind hearing more about it.
There are just some things that a parent really finds important for their children.  Swimming well is one of those things for me.  We started this learning to swim journey at least six years ago from what I can remember.  The older two had lessons then, while I entertained the younger two on the side of the pool.  But my boy with a negative percentage of body fat just could not stay warm enough.  When he cried because he was so upset about going in to the cold water, that was enough.
We waited a few years and tried again with everyone.  My youngest one loves the water.  He would run and jump right in.  But he couldn't swim . . . this was a problem.  He couldn't do group lessons because he just wouldn't stay on the side of the pool.
We tried two private instructors; one for the older two and one for the younger two.  That still was not enough specialized attention, as my youngest jumped in the pool again.  The instructor had to leave Gracie to snatch Cody out of the water.  Then he went back and grabbed Gracie out.  I was almost about to jump in with my street clothes.  It was not good.
So I tried to teach them myself for a summer.  I can barely swim myself.  I've never had lessons.  I've had to be pulled out the water twice as a kid.  I thought maybe I could do it anyway.  I couldn't.
I was calculating in my head today as I sat and watched them swim.  Over the years, we've spent well over $1000 in swimming lessons.  That's a lot!
Then I looked out in the pool.  I saw my oldest swimming better than I can do.  I saw her doing it almost effortlessly!  I saw my second youngest impressing her instructor swimming back and forth in the huge pool.  And I see my youngest almost getting it.  He's so close!  He can stay swimming.  Just not for very long. He's gonna get it soon.  Something is just gonna click and he'll be off.  My second oldest was home sick.  But last time he was there, he impressed me too.
It makes me so happy and so comforted knowing that these kids will all know how to swim strongly and correctly.  I know swimming isn't essential.  If you can't swim, just don't go near the water, right?  My own mom still can't swim.  But I really wanted this for the kids.  I want them to have no fear of the water, no trepidation that they might not be able to swim back out of they dive in to a lake.  I want them strong and confident in everything, including the water.
Tonight I am thankful to be able to watch the kids learn to swim well!  This has been quite the task.  But it's paying off!  They are getting it!  They are doing it!  And that is just such a comforting and reassuring thing!

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