Saturday, February 13, 2016


I'm a good hider.  I do awesome at Hide n' Seek!  And that's really about the only time that skill comes in handy . . .
Somewhere in this house is a necklace with a guitar that my son absolutely LOVED!  I bought it for him in secret for Christmas . . 3 years ago now.  I hid it so he didn't found it.  It is in one awesome hiding place!
Last year in March I found boxes of Valentines on clearance for 10 cents a box.  I couldn't believe it!  I bought at least 8 boxes so that the kids could have choices this year.  And I hadn't even spent a dollar!  I put then somewhere around the box of Valentines decorations.  I have searched three attics, one office, and one bedroom.  I could not find them.  We went to the store and had to pay around $3 per box instead.  I know, I know.  It's only $12 for four kids.  BUT, it's the point that somewhere in this house is at least 8 boxes of Valentines already bought and paid for at a big discount!!!!
In January I saw the perfect gift for the hubster.  I bought it.  I kept it in a brown paper bag in the closet in my office.  I did not lose that.  At a later time I bought him a card and chocolate.  For whatever brilliant reason, I did not put that in the paper bag.  I searched for about 25 minutes this evening to try and find the card and candy.  I am happy to report that I DID FIND IT!!  Hooray!!!
So, my new plan for hiding things around the house is that I am going to create a log for myself on my computer, password protected of course, that will tell me where I put things.  I could be upset here.  But I'd like to focus on the fact that I am such an excellent hider!  Maybe one day I'll be a good finder.  Maybe . . .  someday . . .
Tonight I am thankful that I at least found the card and candy I had bought for the hubster!  I was starting to panic a little!  Now we'll see what kind of a hider the hubster is . . . I've been dropping not-at-all-subtle hints for the past three weeks that I would really like a new punching bag for Valentine's Day :)  I really have enough jewelry.  I can use a punching bag even with my knee being moody.  And my old punching bag is ripping out.  Nothing says love like more gym equipment!!!  :)

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