Monday, February 29, 2016

In Charge

I was sitting here finishing up a report repeating to myself, don't write again about work.  Don't write again about work.  Don't write again about work.  Oh well, I don't always listen to myself very well . .
So . . hmm . . Mother Nature is proving to make things difficult lately.  With the snow last week, I pushed some appointments back to Friday.  Appointment for the "W" word.  The my clients wanted reports in today since the appointments were pushed back.
I had plans over the weekend to try and get ahead a bit.  But the weekend was already pretty full.  And when it wasn't full, I was exhausted.
So I've been here, plugging away all day, doing that "W" word stuff.  I broke two nails on my keyboard today!  I ignored everything else.  Except for the laundry.  I did get quite a bit of germy bedding clean from my now on-the-mend family.
I woke up a little after 5 to get some things done while everyone slept . . this woke up the cat.  My trips from my office to the washer and dryer woke up the cat.  And now this evening, my increasingly louder tv reruns are disrupting the cat.
I am toying with the idea of making the cat in charge of my scheduling.  Check her out!  Apparently it is time for me to clock out for the day, as the cat has declared the rest of my papers off limits :)  Fortunately for her, I have now finished what I wanted to get done today.
Tonight I am thankful for getting everything done that I wanted done!  And I'm thankful for a kitty that knows when to call it quits better than I do! :)

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