Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday-ist Monday

I have to admit, I'm feeling a little cocky right now.  See, Monday tried to give me one of it's Monday-ist Mondays that it could muster up on short notice.  I think short notice because Monday would have been watching the Super Bowl last night too, right?
Well I stayed up and watched the Super Bowl.  And in my late night exhausted state, I mis-calculated what time I needed to wake up this morning.  So I was rushing.  So the kids were rushing.  So the kids got a little cranky.  So I got a little cranky.
But we all managed to get where we needed to be.  My first house of the day had two very friendly kitties in it.  One almost squeezed out the door . . but I caught it!  Ha!  No call to a listing agent to inform their homeowner that I lost a family pet.
The second house of the day was just creepy.  I go in to hundreds of vacant houses per year.  In the past 11 years, only a handful had a creepy aura.  Second house of today made the list.  And now I'm checking past new records.  Usually when I get that creepy feeling, there's been something bad that happened there.  I won't get in to all that though.
The third of the house today seemed alright.  I went thru the inside.  I was measuring the outside.  I rounded the corner to the back of the house and a very upset German Shepherd came charging at me.  I used my clipboard as a shield and talked nicely to the dog.  He calmed right down fortunately.  And then we went and found his neglectful owner.  I should have thrown him in my car, he looked half-starved.
On my way home a big blue truck came about an inch from taking out the driver's side of my car.  I had some angels watching out for me though and I was able to get out of the way.  I don't need another car accident any time soon.  The last one still has me flinching occasionally at big intersections.  I've thought about just driving the big van everywhere.  Then if someone hits me, I'd always be ok :)  Well, unless the other vehicle was a semi . . or a tractor . . that'd be about it.
And now, here it is, almost 8pm.  I've been holed up in my office finishing today's work.  I obviously thought I was going to get more done over the weekend when I planned today.  But, I am now finished.  So take that Monday!  Ha!  You couldn't ruin my day, I'm feeling victorious!  And I'm going to go enjoy my family for a few minutes before they go to sleep!
Tonight I am thankful for not letting Monday get me down!  Ha!  Can't wait for tomorrow.  Me and Tuesday are friends . . I think ;)  

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