Sunday, February 21, 2016

Something Better

I've mentioned on here before that I am a recovering pack rat.  I would never say hoarder, because I really am not that bad.  I have made great advances in recent years on breaking emotional attachments to "stuff" though.
With my pack rat history and having four children, I am very good at walking around with blinders on.  This is a sad fact however.  It helps a lot with my sanity to block out the clutter growth in the house or the dust on the . . well on anything.  Unfortunately, the blinders come off when someone stops in or when the kids want to have someone over.  Then I freak out a little!  Oh crap!  Had I really let the house get this bad?!?
I do like it when the house is clean.  I get downright mad at the thought that I should constantly clean it though.  Of the six people in this house, I am the self-proclaimed, neatest person here.  It most likely is very much the truth.  No one is two years old anymore.  There is no need for the mess they create.  And even when they were two, they had to pick up their toys.
Our latest attempt at kids doing chores is doing pretty well.  They don't get all the details of their cleaning done.  But, I'll tell ya though, I am much more willing to clean the details they missed if they are doing something . . anything!  So we're on a good track I think.
One room that they mess up but are not allowed to clean is my office.  My office is pretty much the headquarters of the house.  Sadly, when no one knows where something belongs, it comes to my office because mom always knows what to do with things.  So my office becomes cluttered very easily.  I am looking at moving my office to a new room in the house very soon, so I've kind of been trying to box up some things to be ready to move.
In the meantime though, I still need to keep organization.  I have gotten very good at the level of organization that I need to bring to daily life over the past many years.  My older ways of organization become ineffective the more the kids grow and get in to things; and the more my ideas and business objectives grow and branch out.
Last year I made a leap from paper trays to a six slot cardboard, sectioned organizer.  That worked great; except that it was made out of cardboard and I am breaking it already . .after only a year.
Today I was quite delighted to spend $4.99 at my local Goodwill for a 24 slot organizer!!  I am so excited!  I know it may not sound like a big deal.  But right now, it has found a place on my shelf and has 20 of the 24 slots labeled and helping to organize life for me!
Tonight I am thankful for organizing and details.  Next on the list is to continue to minimize the amount of "stuff" in this house; my office included.  The kids kept coming in today while I made room for my new organizer.  I let them see me archive some things and throw out some other things.  I've mislead them a bit about hanging on to things just in case.  I've got better things to show them and I'm working on it.  We'll organize.  We'll minimize.  We'll get cleaning down to a minimum because there will be less stuff.  We'll stay on track (for the most part anyway.  I'm sure there'll be hiccups now and then.)  And we'll enjoy living life instead of cleaning up after it!

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