Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Last week I was chatting with a friend of mine who had a sickey little girl.  The tummy flu is no fun when kidlets are too little to get to themselves to the bathroom.
I have cleaned up more flu symptoms over the years than I could count, or that I would care to count.  I will never forget the first round of flu that went thru the house when everyone made it to the bathroom and there was nothing for me to clean up!
Last night my Sam-bo started not feeling good.  As his poor tummy seemingly turned inside out, I did take a moment to be thankful that I did not have to clean anything up.  Several years ago Sammy would get hives from being too hot.  For whatever reason, those hives made a re-appearance last night with the fever and the other symptoms that go along with the flu.
Tonight I am thankful that my Sam-man was able to keep the benadryl down to make the hives go away.  I am thankful that he is feeling a little better today.  He is staying home tomorrow as well; although the boy with the 100 degree fever thinks that he should go climb a mountain since he can keep food down now . . .  I am also thankful that I've been diffusing Thieves oil for over 24 hours now and so far no one else is sick.  I may drench the children in thieves tomorrow as long as it keeps this from spreading!!

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