Sunday, February 7, 2016


It has become a tradition in this house that Super Bowl Sunday, my girls and I visit the Women's Expo in Lansing.  This year we were by ourselves.  Next year, we are hoping for our usual family crew to be up and able to attend as well!  
We had a good time!  Afterwards we had to come home and rest since we are all still getting over this mega cold that just doesn't want to leave.  We had to be rested up for our Super Bowl festivities!  This is the first year in many that the hubster gets to watch the whole game.  He's been very excited planning the evening.
With all the good things today to write about, I keep coming back to thinking about sticking with our Dave Ramsey plan.  The hubster and I had a budget meeting this morning.  We tweaked a few things.  Things always need re-tweaking as we go along here.  Things will always need re-tweaking.  And that's ok.  This journey can be long.  We've got some big goals.  And the best part is that these goals seem more and more real as we go along here.  We keep making strides closer and closer to our goals.  Sometimes it is two steps forward and one step back.  But that is still progress.
I keep reading other peoples' Dave Ramsey stories.  Normal, every day people who are unencumbered by debt and prepared for the future.  It's exciting.  And inspiring.  
At the Women's Expo today I was stopped by a financial planning representative.  I told her how we are doing the Dave Ramsey plan and finishing step 2.  The woman got a big smile on her face!  She said to hang on to her information because we'd need her soon.  That's an awesome feeling!  To have a stranger hear just a few words and believe that our future is bright . . that's amazing!
So tonight I am thankful for a great family day!  And I am thankful for a great family future by adding some good, practical, common sense plans in to action brought to us by Dave Ramsey.

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