Saturday, February 20, 2016

With Love

Today I realized that I never followed up on Valentine's Day here.
Most years I don't want much.  This year I wanted a new punching bag.  I mentioned about three weeks before Valentine's Day that I wanted a punching bag.  I mentioned about two weeks before Valentine's Day that I wanted a punching bag.
Sometime around a week or so before Valentine's Day, the hubster asked, so what do you really want for Valentine's Day?  Ah men  . .  I told him I was serious!  I want a new punching bag.  Mine is so old.  The weight has settled to the bottom and the rips are getting to be too much.
After a few little bumps, the hubster did come home with a punching bag for Valentine's Day!  It got hung up this week.  And it is getting broke in nicely!
My old punching bag was a Christmas gift from the hubster back when we were dating.  I've recommended to several couples over the years that a very practical gift for the lady of the house may just be a punching bag.  It is a good work out to hit that thing until you're arms are jello.  Also, it helps let off steam when the gentleman of the house is just a little too "Urgh"!  "Urgh" is my best definition!  Like when you know you're frustrated with him; you know your words aren't getting thru;  you know you have some other words that you really shouldn't say anyway; and you know you aren't going to solve anything until you both calm down.  Some times just getting away and breathing is good.  And sometimes putting on some gloves and punching a big heavy bag is even better!
Tonight I am thankful for my Valentine's punching bag!  The hubster was shaking his head when he brought it in the house for me.  But it's what I wanted, and it was perfect!!

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