Thursday, March 24, 2016

An Instructor

Well, I guess I never made a big announcement or anything . . mostly because it isn't fall, so it doesn't matter a ton.  But, I have taken on a wonderful opportunity with the cheerleading program here for grades 3-8.
I'm excited.  I think we are going to make this an awesome program for the kids!  I have a super talented coach who can do the technical stuff  wonderfully!  I've got some excited kids looking forward to fall!
And . . . those are the positives.  Those are the great things we've got going right now!
The negatives include a collection of mis-matched uniforms that were never planned to accommodate fluctuating girls from year to year.  And no funds to correct this problem.
I met with my super talented technical coach and we made a good plan!  We were talking ideas so long that the hubster called to make sure we were ok :)  And, I've got even more ideas swimming around that I haven't told anyone yet.  They are just swimming around in my brain to see if they get to stay or if I'll kick them out.  This is a good process for me, because some of my ideas need to swim away sometimes ;)
But the best idea for right now was to plan a gymnastics clinic for the girls.  Several girls wanted to learn tumbling.  Not encouragingly, I remember being a kid and trying to learn to do a cartwheel.  It seemed to take me forever!  And I only really learned it the year the school had a teacher who taught gymnastics in the school gym for a little while.  It was not something that came natural to me.  And most likely not something I could ever teach someone else.
First I contacted a cheer/gymnastic company.  It sounded promising . . until they stopped returning my calls.  Then I called 3 different gymnastic companies.  Only one called me back.  But hey, one was all I needed, right?  She sent me on a while goose chase to find out all this information.  And then she wouldn't return my calls.
BUT, where there's a will there's a way.  My two options left were to YouTube instruct myself and use my children as guinea pigs to see if I could actually teach these things or see if anyone that I knew might know someone that could help.  Option 2 seemed the much better situation.  And what a great way to go!  A friend let me know that my daughter's dance instructor used to teach a tumbling class!  I contacted her, and she's on board!  We're even using her studio and her mats!
So the clinic will be outside of the school.  But that's ok, it's not very far away!
Tonight I am thankful for finally finding someone to teach this clinic!  It's been at least two months since I first started looking!
And I am thankful that I have no shame in self-promoting on here :)  So if you have a child that wants to learn some tumbling, mark April 16th from 10 - 11:30 on your calendar!  Feel free to contact me for more information.  Next week, I'll get fliers out to the school!  We are on our way!  Hooray!

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