Thursday, March 10, 2016

Blue Lights

The Current Time Was - 2:35pm
Time to Be at School - 3pm
Drive Time between current location and school - 19 minutes
My brain processes the above information to mean that I have 6 minutes available to stop at one house on the way and verify that repairs were made per the anticipated loan's specifications.  It'd be tight . . but I could do it.
To make sure I make it on time, I may have pushed the gas pedal down a little too far.  A local high school had let out and there was a lot of traffic.  Thankfully the traffic was going the opposite way that I was going.  I cruised on by and at the last driveway in to the high school parking lot, I saw the lights.  Oh yes, in a moment of approximately 30 to 40 teenage drivers, I was the one driver foolish enough to get caught speeding.
It has been several years since I have been pulled over or gotten a ticket.  I was sitting here thinking about it tonight.  It's got to have been somewhere between 7 and 9 years that I can think of.  I reached in my glove compartment and it turned out I was missing my proof of insurance.  I promised the officer that I was fully insured, my mother works for State Farm!
As he headed back to his car, I texted my daughter that I was going to be late picking them up from school.  I just knew I'd be getting one, maybe two citations.  It was going to be awhile for sure.
Miraculously, just a few short minutes later the man came back.  I was spared!  I'm pretty sure he got anther call in because he left pretty quickly.  And I even made it to the school on time.  WHEW!
Tonight I am thankful that I did not get a ticket today!  You can bet that at this very moment, my proof of insurance has been located and placed in my car.  And you can bet that tomorrow I'll drive a bit more consciously to obey the law!  Whew!!!!!

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