Monday, March 14, 2016


My kid before having kids was Bruno.  He was my baby.  And I got him as a baby.
Alone and in my own house at 19, I wanted some home protection.  So I got this Rottweiler / Lab mix.  He was sure to be a good guard dog.  Except the dog wouldn't bark at anything.  So I'd bark at cars that went down my little side street at the time until he barked.  That really worked well until I had kids and went over animal sounds.  I'd say "the dog goes bark, bark".  And Bruno would run to the window barking :)
Anyway, so Bruno loved tennis balls.  He would chase and chase and chase.  Hot summers, he'd be frothing at the mouth because he wouldn't want to stop and get a drink.  Towards the end, his arthritis was so bad he could barely walk; but he wanted someone to throw his ball for him.  His jaws were so strong that sometimes he just sat there and chewed on a tennis ball like it was bubble gum.  I bought him an indestructible ball once, and he had it broke in less than an hour.  In hindsight, I probably should have bought stock in the Wilson company for how many tennis balls I bought for that boy!
I have his paw print here on my desk still that the vet made him.  And when I think about him, I still cry and it has been over five years.  He was my baby.
Today I went to a house for an appraisal.  The realtor had told me that they had two big dogs.  And there were big sounding barks coming from the other side of the door.  A woman was calling the dogs back and I heard her say "Bruno!"  Even hearing that name tugs at my heart.  So I took a deep breath and watched as she opened the door, hoping a little that her Bruno would be a big, black dog.
She opened the door and there was a big dog, maybe a German Shepherd / Sheep Dog mix.  That dog was named Lucy.  And then I saw Bruno.  Bruno was maybe a five pound tiny dog!!  Bruno brought me his ball to throw.  Honestly, I'm not sure how this Bruno's mouth opened big enough to hold the ball!
Bruno followed me around the house.  When I went up stairs, Bruno climbed about four steps and let his ball go, so he could go and catch it when it bounced down.  My Bruno used to do that too!!
Tonight I am thankful for meeting another Bruno!  He may not have been near the size as my Bruno-boy.  But he sure had the same spirit!  Oh, and Lucy was nice too :)

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