Friday, March 4, 2016


Here is one thing that I've observed about the most intelligent people out there - they know that they are not the most intelligent people out there.  They are always learning, always asking questions, always asking for help.  So this has been my goal for more than a decade.
I am blessed with a natural curiosity to want to know why and how about everything.  And I was extra blessed with an upbringing where I could ask those questions and not be told to go away because I was bothering someone.
Yesterday and today I have had two very productive meetings on two separate items.  With both areas, I had some notes prepared for the thoughts that I had.  And with some quesitons for the other party.  And at both meetings I heard some brilliant ideas and a completely different perspective than mine.
It is something quite wonderful when you can see how far your own personality will take you and how someone else can take you even further!
Tonight I am thankful for being blessed with people that are different than I am.  I will always be limited to myself.  I can never think like another person because I am me.  And that is quite alright.  But it is even better when a project gets the best of me and the best of someone else to be even better than it could have from just one source!

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