Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Today I had two school conferences for my darling children.  The middle school conferences were a couple weeks ago.  And I have one more conference tomorrow.
I like hearing who my children are when I'm not around.  As a parent, my hope is that they leave this house and take all the very best of what they are, with them.  I know sometimes when they get home, they bring the worst of what their day was and dump it all out at once.  There are some times that I feel I should bring them home with a zen like calm to help work thru their day.  This is real life and it doesn't always happen that way.  But we work on it.
I sometimes wonder if the day that I'm hearing from my kids' perspective is the day that really happened.  I have two children who are hard on themselves and the reports I hear at school are much better than what my children think I will be hearing.  I love sharing those reports to build up them up!  One day they won't be quite so hard on themselves.
Of course I share all good reports with all the children!  Because all of them need to hear how great they are doing!  They go and they try their best most of the time, and I couldn't be prouder!
Tonight I am thankful for conference time at the school to hear that my children are doing well!  One more conference to go tomorrow and I'll be all caught up on what is going on!  Oh, and yes . . the kids are thankful for spring conference time too because the book fair is going on in the library :)

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