Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cut Tongues

My son takes guitar lessons.  When he first said he wanted lessons, I made him wait.  Kids are known for losing interest in things rather quickly.  After about two years, the boy was still saying that he wanted to learn.  So we contacted a local shop and he started lessons.
I sat in on the first several lessons.  It was ok.  But it was fairly apparent that the instructor was no used to handling someone with my sons . . . um . . . energy.  The day my son came home and told me that in his 20 minute guitar lesson the instructor told him how some people have that piece on the bottom of your tongue cut so they can stick their tongues out farther . . . that was the last lesson at that establishment.  I wasn't paying for my 10 year old to sit and discuss such things with a person I barely knew.
So we went awhile without lessons.
Over the summer I got a call from a woman that I had spoken to when we first decided on lessons.  I knew she should be good.  But she only did lessons from her house, about 35 minutes from my house.  That's over an hour of driving for a 30 minute lesson.  I took him out there for the first time around last July, telling my husband that "this was just a one time thing".  Famous last words . . .
So here we are several months later.  She is so great with my son!  She already knew him from school, so she was aware of his personality - which sometimes is comparable to someone who has drunken five gallons of coffee.  She is calm and encouraging.  She is awesome.  And he is learning so much.
I want him to have music.  His brain runs in circles at warp speed and he needs an outlet.  He loves playing the guitar.
So I drive.  It is worth it.  Usually I bring work with me while I sit in the car and wait; like today.  Today though, I put the windows down while I worked.  This woman's house is in a beautiful location by a lake, on a hill, amongst trees.  It was so relaxing!  Everything was still except for the sounds of the birds on the lake.  I stopped working a few times and just sat there and listened.
Tonight I am thankful for guitar to channel and calm my son.  I am thankful for just the right teacher that can see the talent in my son hidden underneath all his energy.  I am thankful for the beautiful drive to lessons and the one on one time with my son while we drive.  And I am thankful for moments of serenity while I sit and wait.

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