Thursday, March 17, 2016


When I was growing up, on my Grandparent's back deck there used to be a metal glider bench.  I used to love that thing!  We always had to get up when Grandpa came out, so he could sit on it.  I remember catching him napping on it on more than one occasion.  It is one of those nice Grandparent childhood memories.
I wanted one.  I've wanted one for awhile.
I saw one for sale online for around $200.  I guess they are retro now and being made in present time.  My thing was that I don't really need one.  So spending that much on a bench is not really in the budget.  Especially when we have plenty of outdoor seating already.
There was one at an auction last year.  I was so excited.  I thought for sure no one would bid on it.  Um, yeah, I was wrong.  The used auction one went for well over $100.  I don't remember exactly.  But I know I was willing to go up to $80 and the bidding kept going well after my limit.  I was a little heartbroken.  But I have never lost hope that I would find one at a reasonable price.
Then yesterday I saw it!  I was scrolling on Facebook and saw a post for a moving sale.  And there was a picture of a metal glider!!!  It was different than the kind Grandpa used to have.  But it was a metal glider anyway!  The post said there would be no pre-sales and no holds.  So I had to wait until 5pm tonight.  
I was so bummed.  I had to be at the school picking up my daughter at 5pm.  And I couldn't run there afterwards because my other daughter had a meeting at 5:30 and the sale was about 18 minutes away.  I tried calling a few people in the area of the garage sale and couldn't get thru to anyone.  I just figured this wasn't the one for me.
Then the hubster called!  He had a training today at work and got out early!!  He doesn't really do the garage sale thing.  But he could be at the school at 5 and do the other running around with kiddos!!!  
My Sammy and I made it to the lady's house about 5:05.  There were no other cars there.  She had no signs at the road.  I wasn't even sure the sale was happening.  I rang the doorbell and was invited in.  The first thing I saw was "sold" signs on a bunch of things.  My heart dropped a little.  I asked her about the bench.  She still had it!  It was outside on the back deck. 
We went back and I was trying to play all cool about it.  You know, acting like I could turn and walk away and not give it another thought.  I made it glide.  I pushed on the seat.  I tilted my head.  Then I asked, how much do you want for it?
Without further delay, I am pleased to announce that I am now the proud owner of a metal glider for $40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It isn't exactly like my Grandpa's.  But it is close enough for me!!  
Funny side note - I told my Grandma about a month ago that I was after one of these gliders and she made a face.  Apparently Grandma was never a fan of the metal glider.  She was pretty shocked that they are a sought after item now a days.
Tonight I am thankful to be the proud owner of a metal glider at a reasonable price!  This is why we allocate budget money to fun spending now and then!  And you can bet I'll be spending quite a few hours this summer out on the patio just gliding away.  Some days, I'll bet I'll feel like Grandpa is right there gliding besides me :)

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