Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My Friend

There are people you meet in life that stick with you.  I remember the first time I saw my friend.  After I had Elaina, I worked part time as a cashier at a local grocery store around the hubster's work schedule so we could take turns with the baby.  I saw my friend come in to the grocery store regularly.  She had babies that looked close in age to my baby.
I ended up chatting with her off and on.  Thanks to modern technology, we caught up on MySpace first I think.  And now on Facebook.  We ended up having babies about the same time.  And she had went on to have a couple more babies than me.
The wonderful thing is that my friend has a huge heart.  She cares about others.  She loves her children unconditionally.  She is a wonderful woman.
A few days ago, she was faced with a parent's nightmare.  A tumor was found in one of her babies.  I couldn't even imagine.  I pray that I never have to.  And I pray for every parent that has that moment and the many moments that would follow.
Then there was the testing.  Then there was the waiting.  Through it all there was the praying.
Today there was the answer.  The tumor is not cancerous!!!!
Tonight I am thankful for my friend finding out that her daughter does not have cancer!  What a complete blessing!  And tonight I pray for every parent and every child that does not get such good news.

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