Monday, March 28, 2016

One More Day!

Holiday time is usually a busy work time for me.  When other appraisers go on vacation, say like for spring break, I accept the extra work that is left behind.  It is my choice, so I'm not complaining!  Some day I will go on vacation as well . . . like when I get a little farther on my D.R. Baby Steps plan.
By the end of last week I had a stack of orders on my desk.  And I have planned and re-planned to make sure that I have everything scheduled right.  BUT, with this influx, I was NOT going to work Easter Sunday!  And I didn't touch any appraisal yesterday!!
Taking a day off right now also meant that this morning, I was up when the alarm told me to get up.  I didn't even hit snooze.  I've been moving right along.  And I thought I had one more report to go before midnight.  I was cruising on that one too.  I checked the website just to make sure I had read the order correctly (my printer is low on toner and I don't want to put the new cartridge in yet . . . because I'm thrifty like that).  Anyway, I hopped on the website and found that this last report is actually due tomorrow!!!  The date was adjusted last week and I never updated my printed off copy!  Hooray!
So tonight, with 15 hours clocked on my timeclock app - that thing is a nice tool and a depressing one - I am thankful that I can call it a night!  Everything is done that needed to be done today.  And I'm off to visit my bed and get some sleep!!  Good Night All!

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