Wednesday, March 2, 2016


In my mind, it would go like this - school is called off for the snow.  Everyone sleeps in until 10am.  The kids and I wake up smiling and laughing.  I make pancakes and bacon and the whole works.  We all eat.  The kids help clean up.  We put on our snow stuff and head outside.  We build snowmen, go sledding, and throw snowballs at each other.  When we get too cold, we'd head on inside for some hot cocoa and a family movie curled up on the couch together.  Ahh :)
How it really has went - all four snow days have come in my absolute busiest work weeks of the past six months, with sick kids last week.  This week everyone is healthy - thank God!  That part is much less stressful.  Meanwhile though, I'm trying to work while being interrupted every three minutes by children who are either fighting, whining, or wanting to enlighten me about Pokemon - p.s. I am not really interested in Pokemon.
Yesterday the kids were fighting and whining so much, I was seriously contemplating running away for a little while.  I could just bundle up in my warm clothes, go to a far corner of the barn, duck behind some hay bales, and snuggle kitties while the kids searched the house for me.  I was slightly worried with this plan, that I would come back in to the house to find children tied up or half my house broken.  So I stayed here.  By the time the hubster got home, I told him it was his turn and I tried to get what was left of my brain to focus on work.
I am happy to report that today, snow day #4 has been the best of them all.  I slept thru loud children this morning and did get close to eight hours of sleep.  The kids had already eaten when I got up.  They watched some cartoons together fairly well.  They did some chores considerably better than yesterday.  They argued a little, but not near as bad or as much as yesterday.
Sometimes I think the kids can sense when they are pushing me to the brink of a breakdown.  If they can't sense it, they still don't have an excuse because I do warn them ;)  I made the announcement this morning that I had no patience left because they used it all yesterday.  Then there were some threats made about early bedtimes and allowances being used to pay me to be the referee for them.  I thought that was a good call on my part.  If I have to act like a referee; I should get paid for it!
Tonight I will be up for several more hours catching up on work.  But I am in a much better place than last night!  Tonight I am thankful that the kids were so much better today!  I don't know if I could have taken another day like yesterday.  I have good children.  It sucks when they all have a bad day on the same day!  But they recover well.  And they worked hard today to make today a better day :)  I love and appreciate their efforts; and them of course!

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