Tuesday, March 15, 2016


For the past year I've had my blogs peppered with our family's journey with budgeting and Dave Ramsey principles.  I've shared on here that I love the Dave Ramsey facebook groups.
Those groups are such great motivation.  People chime in from every walk who have paid off things as little as a couple hundred dollars, to people who have everything they own paid off.
Tonight there was a post that I liked.  The person wrote in and said they couldn't wait until they had everything paid off, and had extra money to bless people with.  They can't wait to be able to buy groceries for someone who needs it; or just a random dinner for someone else while at a restaurant.  That is some awesome dreaming!
It is one amazingly exciting thing to imagine your own situation better than you had ever dreamed.  But what if you could imagine your financial life to be such a blessing that you could bless whoever else you wanted, whenever you wanted!  That is exciting stuff!
The envelope system has been working well with the kids for the past couple months here.  And I have one child who is saving up in her "Give" envelope to buy a night at the hotel in Lansing for the homeless!  To say I'm a proud mom, could be an understatement.
There's just something extra exciting to let your thinking go beyond yourself.  A paid off car is one very nice thing; being able to buy a meal or a place to sleep for someone who doesn't have those things is something completely more and deeper.
Tonight I am thankful for motivation and reminders that this journey we are on will be a blessing for our family and for countless others as we continue down this road!

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