Saturday, March 5, 2016


I've been on about a two week hiatus from my basement gym.  This morning I dragged myself out of my nice, comfy, warm bed to go work out.  I haven't been hiding out on purpose.  Just . . ya know . . life gets busy.  It is amazing how things change in two weeks.
Now, I did cut myself a little slack because my knee has been pretty swollen lately.  I will be very happy when the snow is gone.  The slippery ground, my job of being outside walking a fair amount of time, and my moody, healing knee are not a good combination.
For those that don't realize - because I honestly didn't realize until this happened to me - the swelling can many times be worse than an actual injury.  I rarely feel pain from the actual ligament damage lately.  But the swelling in my knee and the pressure inside the joint are the things that make me cringe.
I tried to keep going this morning.  I think I gave it a good try.
Want to know what did me in?  This is so funny (but not like ha-ha funny).  Since day 1 of physical therapy, my nemeses has been a rolling chair.  Like an office chair.  Sit on a rolling chair, use your legs only, push back about 10 feet; then pull yourself forward the same distance and repeat until your almost in tears (well maybe those weren't the exact words of the directions given).  This particular action makes my knee feel like it is going to pop right off of my leg.  But, that is a step forward because it used to feel like a hammer was digging in to the back of my knee during this particular exercise.
Now, I made a little goal for myself to not complain on here about my knee.  So, please note that I have not technically complained . . right?  I'm on the line aren't I?  Maybe crossing the line?  So, here we go before I keep rambling . .
Tonight I am thankful for getting back to my basement gym.  It won't be another two weeks before I go back.  In fact, I plan on going back tomorrow.  I can do the bike ok.  I can do the elliptical alright.  I can kick some butt with the weights and punching bag.  I will do the stupid rolley chair too . . because it is good for me . . and because I chose to be thankful that I can still do it; and because I will keep getting better!

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