Monday, March 21, 2016

Special Secret

Everyone has their own special secret for peace.  If you haven't found yours yet, keep looking.  It'll be something in nature that speaks to your soul when the rest of the world just can't bring solace.  I am pretty convinced that it has to be from nature because we were created with this world to be for us.
Mine is water.  It has always been water.  It will always be water.  There is something so calming, yet not at all disingenuous about the fact that it isn't calming.  It is always moving, but always stationary.  It seems so non-threatening, yet is powerful when stirred up.  It looks so level, but has incredible depth.
Whatever the reason, water connects to my soul.  When I'm by it I find calmness, peace, and hope.
Today my appointments had me driving by this lake. I pulled off in the boat ramp parking for a few minutes and just breathed in life.  It is a good thing to do from time to time.  I didn't look at my files.  I didn't look at my phone.  I shut off my brain and the thoughts for the agendas of the day.  And I was just there by the water, letting God's creations calm my spirit.
Tonight I am thankful for the unexpected gift of a calming lake on my route while working today.  It was a much needed reprieve from life, if only for a few moments, the effects last much longer.

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