Friday, March 11, 2016


Everybody has their own "spidey sense", for a fun way to refer to it.
Just last week the hubster found my dream truck online.  And it was the awesome-st of deals!  We are totally NOT in the market for a truck right now.  But hubster was so excited to get me the truck of my dreams!  So, I started talking to the person and it just didn't seem right.  Hubster told me not to give up.  I kept messaging and Bam, there it was . . a scam!
Spidey sense works with people too.  It's harder with people.  You have so many emotions and thought and feelings inside you; it's easy to buy the spidey sense within.  But when you keep telling yourself that it's ok; when you keep making excuses for the other person; when you keep telling yourself that maybe you just aren't understanding enough . . . well, it's not good.
If a friendship is good; if someone truly cares; if someone actually wants you to care as well; if there is mutual respect, well then you won't need to keep reminding yourself of the things mentioned above.
Tonight I am thankful for God given "spidey sense".  No, I know that is not a biblical term :)  But, it is a God given thing to help when our own understanding just isn't where it should be.  And tonight I'm thankful for it.

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