Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ten Minutes

Want to know why I have two separate calendar apps - one for me personally and one for the family?  Want to know why I write every single event down twice - once on a calendar that sits on my desk and once on a calendar that hangs in the kitchen?  Do you want to know why?
Fine, I'll tell you!  It isn't really because I like the extra work.  It is because the more places a thing is for me to see it, the better chance there is that I'll actually remember it.
Take today for example.  I dropped the kids at school.  I did some work.  I was all settled in for a comfortable - not over-scheduled day.  I was actually looking forward to the comfort level of today's schedule!  Then I brought up my calendar to make some phone calls and plan appointment for the rest of the week.
Guess what I saw?!?!?  My daughter had a doctor's appointment today!  I think my eyes bugged right out of my head and splattered on my monitor.  I called the school, who very forgivingly did not give me grief about locating my child and having her ready in ten minutes.  I am happy to report that we arrived in the parking lot at only three minutes after her scheduled time.  They still let us in the door.  And all was right with the world!
Then of course, back at my desk it was chaos because my easy, comfortable day had just lost about two hours.  But, it all worked out.
Tonight I am thankful for multiple calendars so I don't forget things.  Seriously . . . this doctor's office had even called to remind me of the appointment the other day.  Over the years I have forgotten about birthday parties, sports practices, and scout meetings.  I am happy to say that I still hold a record of not missing a doctor's appointment with these kiddos . . barely!

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