Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Tonight the hubster took the older children out with him for one of them to attend dance lessons.  He wanted some company while he waited, so he grabbed a kid to go along.  That left me and the two younger kids here.
With the kids getting a little older, they do tend to branch off more with the boys together and the girls together.  It was nice tonight to see my younger two playing well together and enjoying each other's company. :)
I've always wanted all four of them to be friends with each other.  I pray that they will always have their unique group bond that happens so amazingly; and a special one on one bond with each other.  So seeing part of that tonight made my heart smile!
Tonight I am thankful for being able to witness my children be friends with each other.  Being friends with someone you spend this much time around takes work, lots of understanding, and lots of forgiveness.  And my dream is for them to reap the benefits of their efforts for a life time!

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