Wednesday, April 6, 2016

10 Years

I remember glancing to the back seat.  There was a one year old boy in a car seat staring at him.  And there was a three year old girl chatting his ear off.  He loved it.  He loved being their uncle.  He answered all her questions and listened intently while she told him stories.
When we got back to the house she took his hand and showed him her favorite toys - again.  He smiled at her and said hi to her toys.  He picked her up when she asked and whirled her around.
She thought it wasn't fair that only he and daddy were going away to see a game.  She wanted to go with Jamie too!
He and I chatted a little before the boys left for the game.  He had been making some plans for the future.  He was turning some things around.  He was feeling so confident.
We didn't know then that those would be the last memories made.  There was no way to have known.  I can't believe it's been ten years.  It seems like yesterday.  And yet, sometimes it seems longer.  He never got to meet his other niece and nephew.  He did know another one was coming at the time.  We didn't even know she was a girl yet.
The kids love hearing stories about dad and his brothers when they were kids.  I feel the need to censor some certain stories; because those boys got a little crazy and we don't need to be encouraging BB gun wars, or stabbing siblings with forks!  But they still get to hear a lot of the other stories for sure!
Tonight I am thankful for the memories.  I am thankful for time somehow sifting out the sad stuff that clouded the memories a while ago.  There are still times of sadness.  But there are many more times when the good memories shine thru and eclipse the rest.

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