Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Story

Once upon a time there was a little boy who took everything to heart.  He had the biggest, most sensitive heart in the whole world.
Whenever someone had a frowny face or just seemed upset, it bothered this boy.  He wanted everyone to be happy.  He started crying in the store before simply because he saw another child upset and crying.
When this boy was very little, he got to spend lots of time with his mommy.  His mommy tried to explain people to him a little bit, so that he could understand that people have bad days, and are scared, or nervous, just like the little boy.  And that all of those feelings, are just normal feelings that people have.  It wasn't a reflection of how the people felt towards the little boy.  And if it ever was a reflection of that sort, it really was the other person's problem and not the little boy's.
The little boy kept growing, as little boys do, and soon the little boy went to school.  The little boy made friends.  And the little boy enjoyed school.
Not far in to the little boy's second year of school, he started coming home from school very upset.  He was throwing tantrums and yelling.  He was so very upset.  But when he talked with his mommy, he couldn't tell her why he was so upset.  His mommy called and talked to his teacher; only to find out that the little boy was happy at school.  Finally his mommy realized that the little boy was getting so upset during the bus ride home.  There were some boys on the bus that were mean to other children.  They hadn't been mean to the little boy, but just being around that behavior made the little boy upset.  The little boy didn't even realize that this was what was making him so upset.  The mommy started picking the little boy up from school and driving him home.  And the boy got better.
The next year seemed to be going better for the little boy.  His mommy was still picking him up from school.  So his mommy became concerned when one day, the little boy started throwing tantrums and yelling again.  The teacher this time said the same thing, that the little boy was happy and well behaved in class.  The mommy asked the little boy what was wrong.  And the little boy, again, could not tell her what was wrong.
The little boy kept behaving worse and worse.  Then one day the teacher talked to the mommy because the little boy had been acting up at school too.  The teacher, the mommy, and the little boy all had a talk together.  They found out that there were little things that were bothering the little boy; like when other kids told him "shhh", or to stop doing things.  The little boy took these words and sounds as being mean to him.  But he didn't tell anyone.  He just kept it inside and moved on with his day.  The teacher and the mommy explained to the little boy that it isn't good to just keep bad feelings tucked away inside.  So the teacher, the mommy, and the little boy all made a plan for the little boy to talk to the teacher when he felt someone was being mean.  And the teacher would help the boy to understand if the other person was really being mean, or not; just like the mommy used to do when the little boy was younger.
The next day after the talk was a good day for the little boy.  He was happier at home and at school.  Of course that was only one day, but there will be more days.  And the little boy will learn to deal with people and with situations because the teacher and the mommy care enough to help him.
Tonight I (the mommy) am so thankful to have my children attend a school where the adults care so much for the children.  This is not the first time that I have met with staff from the school about individual needs of my children that are not at all academic; and had these needs recognized, taken to heart, and worked with to help my children grow positively.  As a mommy who can't be with her children all day long anymore to work on these things with them, I am so very thankful that the other adults in their lives love them too.

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