Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Two nights ago I wrote about my idea for spring break outings with the kids.  Yeah, that isn't happening.
I sat down with the kids and talked to them about choosing a place and planning the route.  I left out the book of places, a paper, and a pen.  The kids were to take turns looking thru the book and write down their pick.  Monday, the paper had been written on by two children.  It had Potter Park Zoo and Race Track written on it.  Hmm.
I went over with the kids again that the point was to pick a place we hadn't been; someplace that was in this county or the following county; and someplace that had some kind of neat story with it.  So I threw out some more suggestions.  Two children picked two of the suggestions and then started talking and being loud.  One child just sat staring blankly.  And the fourth child kept trying to walk away.  So I just ended the whole plan.  And no one seemed to notice.
I was upset at them.  Then I was upset at me.  I forget sometimes that they keep growing up.  Five years or so ago I could have thrown out an idea like that and they would have loved it.  Those were the days when doing everything with mom was wonderful because it was with mom.  I really only have one left who feels that way.  The other three aren't mean or anything though.  They do like some of my ideas.  They are pickier now though.
I really have come to terms with the way things are.  But sometimes I forget.  Sometimes it plays out in my head that I bring up these ideas and they all love it.  Then we have these wonderful excursions no one argues, and we all have a wonderful time.
I am not over here in tears that my children are growing.  I'm not sitting here depressed that they are becoming their own people with their own inclinations.  No, in fact I'm planning a day to put them in the van and take them to the some of these areas that are close by that we haven't seen!  Sometimes I feel the need to pull rank around here!
As these children get a little older, they seem content to sit on the couch and watch tv for countless hours.  They want to play video games or play on the computer.  They have played un-electronically with each other more today, which was great!  I love when they enjoy each other's company.  They do seem content to spend all of spring break at the house.  And I am thankful that the kids love their home!  But I'm still going to pull them from their comfort zone this week!
Tonight I am thankful for the times when the kids were younger and thought that time with mom was always magical.  I am thankful for the times now when they are happy and content without constant direction.  I am thankful for when they have fun together.  I am thankful for how they love their home.  And I am thankful that as Mom, I can still lean towards the side of dictatorship ruling and force outings upon them . . . they'll have fun though I promise!

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