Monday, April 18, 2016


My brave, brave girl!  She had been waiting for her braces.  I think she was excited about having the colors in her mouth :)  And her expander has pulled her mouth apart a bit.  I know she hasn't liked what it has done to her front teeth.
All last month, she was waiting for April.  She knew in April, she'd get her braces.  She was up and excited this morning!  When we got in the car, she started to get a little nervous.  In the parking lot, her excitement came back.  She ran from the van to the building.  She sprinted up the stairs.  Then she the nervousness came back a little.
She handled it all like a pro!  They even twisted her expander two times - which we weren't expecting.  And she handled that well.  :)
As the day went on, her mouth got more and more sore.  By this evening, she was pretty wore out.  But she still seems to like the braces :)
Tonight I am thankful that my baby girl was so excited to get her braces!  And I am thankful that they are only on her front four teeth for now.  She'll get tired of them eventually.  Since this is such a shorter term deal, maybe they'll be ready to come off when she's ready to evict them from her mouth!

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