Monday, April 11, 2016

Girly Girls

I'm not the girliest-girl out there.  I've never had my hair colored or even professionally cut.  I like to do my nails, but I don't like the maintenance, so it looks horrible  before I take off the polish and do it again.  There are lots of instances, but I really don't want to list them all.
Before babies I was more girly I think.  I stopped wearing perfume when Elaina was a baby because it made her cry.  I stopped wearing earrings with so many babies yanking them off my ears.  I have not gotten back in the habit of either of those.  I schedule things so tight that I don't put on make-up half the time.  I forget to do my hair sometimes.
But these girls of mine are gonna drag me back to more of the feminine extras that I have let fall by the way side.  Tonight, on a Monday no less, we did a fruit mud mask to make our skin . . better.  We read the package and I didn't really catch anything specific that we were accomplishing.  But it was fun to put it on and take silly selfies!
Tonight I am thankful for some silly, girly time with my girls! :)  I'll probably never thread my eyebrows or own an eye lash curler, but I'll play around with these gals any day!

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