Saturday, April 23, 2016

Good For The Soul

My musical Gracie has been taking piano lessons for a few years now.  Something happened to her this year, I'm not sure how.
I haven't had to hound her to practice.  I haven't had to push or pull at all.  I'll be here in my office and hear some sweet songs pouring from the keys.  It has truly been a joy to see!
Tonight was an exciting night, going to see a play with the Girl Scout troop.  And it was just a very nice surprise to find a piano in the walk way from the parking ramp to the Wharton entrance.  My darling daughter sat down and played a couple tunes :)
That piano also inspired me!  See, our piano was in the basement and got pretty damaged last year with our Lake Basement.  (This year, most practicing has been done on my old keyboard that the girl has claimed as hers now.)  I've gotten the mold cleaned off the big piano.  But the water damage is evident on a good deal of the wood.  So guess what?!  We're going to paint it!!  It was a second hand piano anyway.  The insides just need a good tuning again.  And we'll have some fun on the outside!
Tonight I am thankful first for a wonderful night seeing Matilda with my daughter and our friends.  I am also thankful for an open piano that served as a fun stop tonight and for inspiration for our own piano which has been in need of a second chance at life for awhile now!

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