Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hard Headed

A few years ago it seemed I was sick all winter long.
In my experience, kindergarten and first grade are the worst for kids bringing home germs.  And I had a kid in those grades for seven years straight.  Perhaps an oversight on my part when planning how close to have the children . . . not really, it wouldn't have changed anything.  Anyway, during those years I was working incessantly.  The majority of my nights were far less than eight hours of sleep.  I would take care of kids and do appointments during the day and then type up reports at night.  Well, running on not enough sleep and being around all sorts of bad germs was not a good mix and I caught everything brought in to this house.
I found out about apple cider vinegar capsules - because drinking the stuff is plain nasty!  And I am still a fan!  They work great for sinuses . . . when a person remembers to take them.  Sadly, they don't do anything sitting on the shelf.
I also worked hard the past year or so to allow myself more time to sleep.  It was very apparent the damage that I was doing to my body.  And I have been trying to fix it.
However, this week I worked like my old self of years gone by.  I wasn't taking my apple cider vinegar.  I wasn't taking my multi-vitamin.  I was working, sleeping a little, and working some more.  So, it is safe to say that I did this to myself.
Today I did keep my appointments this morning.  Then I came home, climbed in to bed, and stayed here.  I have diffused Thieves and now Eucalyptus.  I think the Eucalyptus has helped with the coughing already.  I have rested.  I have slept.  I have buried my head under my pillow because my house is LOUD!
Tonight I am thankful that my bed is so comfortable and that I have so many blankets to keep me warm.  I will be thankful that at least this isn't the flu.  It could definitely be worse than it is.  And I will take this reminder to heart to keep taking care of myself.  I thought one work wouldn't hurt.  I could do just one week like my old schedule, right?  It wouldn't hurt anything, right?  Wrong . . I have been reflecting on that while in and out of consciousness today!

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