Sunday, April 3, 2016


While laying around today in and out of consciousness I've had some pretty good ideas!  Apparently I've also said some fairly incoherent sentences, per the hubby.  I guess it all equals out at the end of the day, right?
Well I've been looking for an idea for spring break.  A couple years ago the kids and I dressed up and set scenes like we went someplace different on each day of spring break.  The kids had fun with that.  Although, the oldest one had to be cajoled a few times to get in on the make believe.  Last year we were going to do something similar.  But it just didn't have the same  spirit to it.  So I've been trying to think of something to do this year.
I've had some criteria.  I want it to be something fairly local.  I'd like it to have a theme, but be something different each day.  And it has to be something that all ages will enjoy.
Today, I came up with it!
I bought a book a few years ago that has (I think) all the towns/cities in Michigan and what they are all famous for.  It even had something as tiny as the Organ Museum in Hanover in it.  So each day, each child will take a turn deciding where we will go within about a half mile radius.  It can be something from the book or a maybe a park we've never been to.  AND, the child will plan how to get there, using our map reading lessons from last summer.  Then on Friday, it will be my choice.
I think this will be fun!  I hope the kids think so too!
Tonight I am thankful for finally finding inspiration for our summer break!  I'll pitch the idea to the kids in a little while . . as soon as I crawl out of bed and find that book.  They will have such fun planning!

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